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Fire Sprinkler Installation and Inspection Facts About Sprinkler Systems

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Know Your Sprinkler System

Myth: The water damage from sprinklers is worse than a fire.
The truth is, a sprinkler will control a fire with a fraction of the water used by the fire department hoses, because a sprinkler activates during the early stages of a fire before the fire department can arrive. Automatic systems spray only in the immediate area if the fire, usually with just one sprinkler operating. Average output of a sprinkler head is 15 to 20 gallons per minute while a typical fire hose allows 125 gallons per minute.

Myth: Sprinklers are ugly.
 Modern sprinkler fixtures are inconspicuous and can be mounted flush with the walls or ceilings. Some sprinklers can even be concealed. Pipes can also be hidden behind ceilings or walls. In Case of an emergency: One in sixteen million heads goes off accidentally per year. With this in mind, activation almost always means a fire.